Evrything thats worth it about this place is the location. There is a super market almost next to it. You go a bit further up and on the left and you will find the parliament and a metro stop. Its clean and simple. BUT we had many complains. Because we would be there at 11:30 at night we were afraid we wouldnt have find it so we emailed them and the made it so a taxi driver would come and pick us up (for 24€). It was a life saver!!!!! We would have never EVER find it. There is a huge iron door that only opened with a password (something i had never seen before) and the hotel sign was TINY! Smaller than a laptop screen! It was dark and the hotel was on the second floor.if the taxi driver hadnt been with us i have no idea how we would have been able to find what to do even if we have found it. We go up and there is no one there. The kitchen was lit and only one door was open. The key we had fit so we figured that was our room. We slept well. Next morning there wqs noone again. We had to email the guy and we finally saw him on the next day after, when we finally paid him. He eccepted euros and had change. Then we never saw him again. But he did allow us to leave our bags on the room even after check out so we wont have to carry them around on our last day. If we knew all these it would have been a great place to stay. But it was too much on us. I would stay again though now that i know.

Alice E
July 8, 2016

Our stay was great. We had booked a private room with an ensuite. When we arrived we had a shared bathroom room, but this was fixed the next day. We also arrived very late after midnight (much later than the time we specified) and we were able to arrange alternative check in arrangements. Close to trains, buses but also walking distance from everything. Kitchen, bathroom, etc all clean and well equipped. Great stay.

June 27, 2016

The Origio and the owner, Rosie, was adorable! It is a small and quiet hostel that is comforting to a traveler who has been on the go. It is located on Nador Street, just a block from the historic parliament building. You have to walk a few blocks to find restaurant options, but the market next door was very convenient for my budget. The wifi is excellent, the hostel was a great price. When my travel partner and I arrived, Rosie even let us pay the next day until we had exchanged euros for HUF!

June 15, 2016

- Bed room was very nice, clean and cozy. - The equipment in the kitchen was quite dirty, I had to clean up again before using all of them. - The bath room is very clean. Although There were usually 4 to 6 guests per day, there was only one shared bathroom. - There was no 24hr reception, and it was really difficult to contact the owner or reception. This hostel is not perfect, but it is the valuable choice. If you don't need to leave a luggage or come in emergency time... Recommend!

June 3, 2016

The place was so clean and nice, but I didn't realize that it wasn't like an ordinary hostel. It is tricky to find at first because there is no sign or anything, and it is in an apartment building. Therefore, the atmosphere isn't a party one for sure, but the place is calming and relaxing. It is very clean and comfortable for sure. There is 2 staff member (the owner) who is very accommodating and kind. Definitely reccomend this place for a quiet get away.

May 27, 2016

It is extremely well placed to be exceptionally handy for central Budapest. There's a metro station just outside and to the right which will take you to most places in the city. An excellent Yugoslavian restaurant to the left and if you don't mind rude and grumpy staff a supermarket between the accommodation and the metro. The rooms are clean and comfortable and there's regular fresh towels. Try and opt for a room away from the street as it can get quite noisy, either that or take earplugs. There is a kettle, microwave, some utensils and a couple of fridges that can be used by guests, but be wary about leaving anything in fridge for too long as there were some light fingered guests when we were there. The staff are friendly and helpful. The sign outside is tiny and we missed it a couple of times trying to find the place. I liked the stairs, felt like being in some Cold War spy movie. We were there for two weeks, which possibly was some kind of record and were quite comfortable there and it only cost us £237 which was amazing value.

Simon H
October 7, 2015

Really central location (takes about 5 minutes to walk to the basilica) with helpful staff, clean rooms/bathroom and a generally comfortable feeling. Only slight downside is the hostel is located inside a fairly anonymous building but as long as you look up where it is and watch the video on their website you'll find it no problem!

August 14, 2015

Origo is a basic accommodation for the budget-conscious traveler. The owner is friendly and makes a genuine effort to make guests feel welcome.

Location is very central, within a few minutes' walk of a Metro station linking you directly to Keleti, major sights, Parliament and at least three tasty budget eateries (2 traditional, 1 hummus bar).

Some pet peeves:
- specific 2-hour check-in timeframe is an annoyance, especially for an international traveler who may not have voice roaming to inform the hostel of a delay.
- the building is your quintessential soviet-style tenement whose communal areas probably haven't had any TLC since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Without light (switches are available on landings), the stairwell and atrium look positively scary.
- ensuite windowless restroom and shower in the private room is obviously prone to smelling damp
- because the restroom is clearly an addition, the plumbing is probably not suited for that use. Therefore, the toilet talks back to you through what I can only call a poo-burator that, likely, blends whatever's coming down to ensure no blockages occur.

The cleanliness, friendliness and owner's effort to make Origo guests comfortable more than make up for these minuses.

Would recommend.

August 5, 2015

Absoltely wonderful place to stay! Great location (right next to a metro station but also easy walking distance to the centre), very nice, kind and helpful staff, clean, fast internet, huge bathroom (with a bath). I would definitly stay here again and recommend it to others. Its more like a hotel/ BnB than a hostel with mostly private rooms (I think). Slightly difficult to find so make not of the street number and on the intercom its no. 12 (you don't need to ring the phone number that is there - which is what I did)

July 8, 2013

Liked: I travelled with my daughters and we found the hostel just perfect for us. Very closed to a metro station and a Spar. The staff is lovely. The rooms and all common areas are spotless. Everything we might have wanted was there (kitchen, washing machine, internet) . We will definitely choose to go to this hostel if we were to return to Budapest.

Disliked: It was extremely difficult for us to find it on our arrival (night) as the sign for the hostel is tiny. The people in the street were not helpful.

June 5, 2013